Professional negligence arises when you have been let down by someone who should be looking after you.

This could be a previous solicitor who failed to fully understand your situation and gave you poor advice.

Are you unhappy about the advice from your previous solicitor? Have you suffered financially as a result? Was your previous claim mishandled?

You might have a claim for compensation to put you back in the position that you should have been in had your previous solicitor done their job properly.

Video: Professional Negligence Compensation Claims

This 1-minute video offers a brief introduction to the Professional Negligence Compensation services offered by Peter Bayliss.

Fortunately, all professionals are highly regulated and any breach of these regulations can usually be spotted through a paper trail.

The first step is to visit you, assess your evidence and give an honest opinion of the probable outcome.

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Starting Your Compensation Claim for Professional Negligence

We will arrange an initial free consultation with you and assess your case.

Fortunately, all professionals are highly regulated and any form of breach of these regulations can usually be spotted through a paper trail. If you have instructed a professional and you feel you have been poorly served, please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Professional negligence is a complex area of law but Peter has an enviable track record of success in resolving such disputes over more than 20 years.

The goal from the very start is to find a resolution as expediently as possible with the best possible financial outcome.

This can sometimes be achieved by using various forms of dispute resolution without the need for a protracted court case.

Peter will take care of everything and will guide you through the process. He is very well qualified and experienced in this area. He will help you choose the most effective and quickest solution in your best interests.

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