Whenever it is appropriate to do so, Peter usually represents his clients on a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement.

This usually means that if your claim is unsuccessful for any reason, you will not have to pay a penny. Legal cases can be very expensive, and we do not want to give you anything else to worry about.

On a more positive note, we expect to win all of the cases we take on. This means that the losing party (or their insurance company) will pay our legal fees and expenses on top of the compensation you receive.

Sometimes we ask our clients to contribute to our legal fees from their compensation. This is usually known as a “Success Fee”. It is designed to make up any shortfall in our fees, and to reward us for the risk we have taken. The downside to us of “No Win, No Fee” is that we do not get paid at all if a client’s claim does not succeed for reasons beyond our control. The Success Fee helps us plug that gap.

We will also discuss with you the desirability of taking out a legal expenses insurance policy as an added layer of protection. The policy will not cost you anything if you lose, and would usually form part of our Success Fee if you win.

We will of course discuss all of this with you in full detail to ensure that you have all of the necessary information before reaching a decision as to how best to proceed. All we would add that is that the arrangements outlined above seem to work perfectly for all of our clients.

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