Changing solicitorsVery few solicitors will have heard of CRPS and even less will deal with it on a daily basis. It is extremely important to obtain expert advice and representation as soon as possible. CRPS thrives on delay and inadequate care.

Choosing the right solicitor is essential. Many of Peter’ clients already had a solicitor in place when they came to him for help, but they were unhappy with the advice and support they had been receiving from their previous solicitor.

It is very easy to change solicitors. Peter and his team will take care of all of the formalities on your behalf to ensure a smooth and prompt transfer.

You needn’t worry about your previous solicitor’s legal fees to date. They will be paid upon the final conclusion of your compensation claim in the usual way.

Contrary to popular belief, changing solicitors part way through a legal case is very easy and fairly common.

Would You Like to Change Solicitors But Are Worried About Doing So?

A few simple facts:

  • Changing solicitors is very common;
  • Changing solicitors is easy;
  • Changing solicitors will put your claim back on track;
  • Changing solicitors will restore your confidence;
  • Changing solicitors will give you the result you deserve.

If you feel that your claim is not being managed to your satisfaction, or your case is being handled in such a way that it is just one of many on a factory production line, call or email Peter now on 0845 838 5565.

Peter has assisted many clients turn their case around in to a successful conclusion. In fact, more than half of his clients have transferred to him from other law firms.

It is quite common for people to change solicitors, and you have every right to do so. Why put up with second best, especially if your previous solicitor is out of their depth, or has let you down? You wouldn’t put up with it in other walks of life.

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