CRPS CalculatorNot before time, the legal system now recognises the degree of suffering that CRPS can cause.

The amount of compensation is usually very substantial.

Peter has recovered millions of pounds for his clients over the years.

Individual awards of compensation very often run in to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Very recently Peter has represented a client for whom he was able to negotiate a settlement at nearly £1m.

Each case is of course different, but as any CPRS sufferer will know, the condition can have a dramatic effect upon a person’s way of life.

Until there is a cure for CRPS, the next best thing is to provide the best medical treatment and to try and make the victim’s life as comfortable as possible.

A substantial compensation payment can help make a difference.

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How is Compensation Calculated?

Unfortunately, nothing can cure CRPS but the right amount of compensation can make a difference.

CRPS compensation can pay for a better quality of life. It can also remove the extra financial pressures.

Nobody needs the additional worry of struggling to make ends meet on top of the pain of CRPS.

Compensation usually falls in to 3 main categories

1) General Damages

The first part of CRPS compensation is an amount of money for having to live with CRPS, and for all of the pain and suffering it causes. This includes things like the affect upon a person’s general quality and enjoyment of life.

In legal jargon, this is known as damages for “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”. It is also often referred to by lawyers as “general damages”.

Unlike in America, the legal system in England & Wales is not very generous when it comes to paying compensation.

The very maximum that the courts can award at the moment to someone suffering with CRPS is between £70,000 & £80,000. In some situations, interest should also be added.

No two cases are ever the same because CRPS varies from person to person. However, whichever way you look at it, the compensation isn’t much considering the misery that CRPS can cause.

2) Past Losses

This is the next part of the compensation equation.

“Past Losses” is the name that is usually given to things that have a readily identifiable monetary value. Sometimes, this part of the compensation is also known as “Special Damages”.

Past Losses (or Special Damages) will include lost wages, lost overtime or bonuses; travel expenses; the cost of medical treatment and prescriptions; the cost of other people providing care and assistance to the injured person; and just about anything that can be linked to the CRPS. Everything will have a financial value.

Your CRPS solicitor will produce a detailed calculation of everything that can and should be claimed. The calculation is usually made up to a given point in time. This is usually the date when the calculation is made, but if there is an important court date coming up it is quite common to make the calculation up to that date.

Interest is also payable on this part of the compensation but, needless to say, the percentage rate isn’t high.

3) Future Losses

This is the last component and most of the time this forms the largest part of the total compensation payable to someone whose life has been wrecked by CRPS.

“Future losses” will nearly always include all of the same items that formed part of “Past Losses”.

The legal system does its best to look in to a crystal ball and to try and work out what might happen to the injured person in the future.

Usually, there are two future dates to look at. The first is the anticipated retirement date of the person concerned. The second is their likely life span.

Lengthy and complicated calculations are used based on all sorts of statistical data. Those calculations take in to account a person’s age; their gender; their state of health; educational background; plus government data regarding life expectancy and other relevant factors.

The purpose of all of these complicated calculations is to try and arrive at a figure that would replace everything that the CRPS victim would have received had the CRPS not occurred. This will be lost wages/overtime/bonuses/promotions etc; reduced pension entitlement; and any other sources of income that have been lost.

In addition, the calculations of Future Losses will include the cost of certain things that the injured person will have to pay for in the future. This could be more medical treatment, and more travel and similar expenses. Very often, a person with CRPS will need ongoing care and assistance around the house. This might involve help with shopping, or gardening, or DIY. In more severe cases, the level of help and assistance can extend to more personal care such as help with bathing, washing, and cooking.

The Final Figure

Once everything has been added together, the final figure for CRPS compensation is usually very high.

Most awards of compensation run in to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It is not difficult to see why.

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How Much CRPS Compensation Might You Receive?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a simple answer to that question.

That is because it is impossible to predict what will happen to each and every person who has the misfortune to be affected by CRPS.

Some people will have worse symptoms than others. Some will need different types of treatment. Some people will have a better response to treatment than others. Some people might be able to carry on working. Some might not. All of these things will make a huge difference to the final calculations.

However, despite all of the uncertainty, there are 2 key points to keep in mind.

Firstly, the compensation quite rightly recognises that CRPS is a very unpleasant condition that can have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Secondly, it is very important to get the right specialists working on your side in order to secure the best possible outcome.

How Long Does the Compensation Process Take?

Once again, it would be lovely to be able to give a clear unambiguous answer, but…

The difficulty with answering this question is that – just like the question about the amount of compensation – there are lots of variables.

For a start, some CRPS compensation claims take longer because the paying party wants to fight and argue about everything. That drags out the legal process.

Compensation claims also have to follow certain protocols and court rules. These often involve pre-determined timetables. Also, some courts are quicker than others depending upon how busy they are.

Most importantly, is the speed of treatment and possible recovery of the injured person.

The final amount of compensation cannot be calculated until the medical team are confident about the prognosis.

As a very rough guideline, claims for compensation for CRPS usually take about 2 years from start to finish.

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