CRPS CalculatorNot before time, the legal system now recognises the degree of suffering that CRPS can cause.

The amount of compensation is usually very substantial.

Peter has recovered millions of pounds for his clients over the years.

Individual awards of compensation very often run in to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Very recently Peter has represented a client for whom he was able to negotiate a settlement at nearly £1m.

Each case is of course different, but as any CPRS sufferer will know, the condition can have a dramatic effect upon a person’s way of life.

Until there is a cure for CRPS, the next best thing is to provide the best medical treatment and to try and make the victim’s life as comfortable as possible.

A substantial compensation payment can help make a difference.

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How is Compensation Calculated?

Unfortunately, nothing can cure CRPS but the right amount of compensation can make a difference.

CRPS compensation can pay for a better quality of life. It can also remove the extra financial pressures.

Nobody needs the additional worry of struggling to make ends meet on top of the pain of CRPS.

Compensation usually falls in to 3 main categories

1) General Damages

The first part of CRPS compensation is an amount of money for having to live with CRPS, and for all of the pain and suffering it causes. This includes things like the affect upon a person’s general quality and enjoyment of life.

In legal jargon, this is known as damages for “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”. It is also often referred to by lawyers as “general damages”.

Unlike in America, the legal system in England & Wales is not very generous when it comes to paying compensation.

The very maximum that the courts can award at the moment to someone suffering with CRPS is between £70,000 & £80,000. In some situ