What can the legal system do for CRPS sufferers?

This page seeks to demystify the legal process for making a successful compensation claim.

As has been said many times on this website, compensation cannot turn back the clock.

It can however relieve the financial pressure caused CRPS through losing a job, or having to change careers, or working reduced hours.

Compensation can also pay for the best private medical treatment; treatment which is always on hand whenever it is required, and without being at the mercy of long NHS waiting lists.

All of these things can contribute to an improved quality of life for the CRPS sufferer and their family.


The Key Stages of a CRPS Compensation Claim

Although no two cases are the same, most CRPS compensation claims follow a similar pattern.

The key stages are summarised below…

Stage 1 – Contact Peter

Contact Peter. He will make a FREE initial assessment of your situation.

This will involve gathering certain background information about what has happened to you and the impact of CRPS.

This initial assessment can be dealt with over the ‘phone or by email (or both), whichever is the most convenient.

Contact Peter for a Free Consultation

Stage 2 – Can Peter Help?

Peter will tell you if he thinks that he can help. If he can, he will.

This will involve an analysis of the events leading to your diagnosis of CRPS, and how the law can be used to help you.

Stage 3 – Funding Options

You will be advised about funding options, including the availability of “No Win, No Fee”.

As soon as the necessary paperwork has been completed, Peter can start work on your case.

Stage 4 – Analyse Medical Records

In order to build a successful CRPS compensation claim, one of the first steps is to carry out a careful and forensic analysis of all medical records held by your GP and treating hospitals.

It is vitally important to have a complete picture of the events leading to your condition, what has happened to you, and why.

Peter has many years’ experience and knows exactly what matters.

Stage 5 – Appointment with CRPS Medical Specialist

Once Peter has scrutinised the medical records, he will arrange to appoint one of our team of CRPS medical specialists.

Their job will be to provide an opinion about your condition, the causes, and all possible treatment options.

The CRPS specialist will be independent of any ongoing NHS treatment.

Stage 6 – Formal Claim Submitted

Armed with the expert opinion of an independent CRPS specialist, a formal claim will be submitted to the person or organisation responsible for the onset of CRPS (for example, your employer; another car driver/their insurance company; a hospital or surgeon).

At this point, the other party (known as the Defendant) will have their own lawyers appointed.

This is standard practice and is nothing to be concerned about.

Stage 7 – Follow Civil Procedure Rules

Although a formal court case has not started just yet, there are official Protocols that apply from here on.

Those Protocols are governed by court rules known as the Civil Procedure Rules.

They specify how and when the Defendant must deal with the claim against them.