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Peter Bayliss is a dedicated CRPS solicitor with an excellent success rate in helping his clients achieve Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claims.

With over 20 year’s experience, Peter is able to offer a highly professional yet personal service.

The article below aims to explain a little more about CRPS, the devastating impact it can have, and how the legal system might be able to offer some support.

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CRPS & Compensation

Anyone who is suffering from a medically recognised condition – like CRPS – may be entitled to compensation.

The first job of the CRPS solicitor is: –

  • To decide whether there are grounds to bring a claim
  • Who that claim might be against
  • How successful it might be
  • How much compensation should be paid

Everybody knows that compensation alone will not make up for all of the pain and suffering, and financial loss and expenses.

However, the right amount of compensation can help with things like paying for the best treatment, and taking away the financial worries when the injured person’s work has been affected, or when that person needs help with re-training or rehabilitation.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claims

What Will My Solicitor Do?

Your solicitor’s main role is to take away some of the worry for you so that you can put all of your energy in to trying to get better.

Your CRPS solicitor will deal with all of the legal formalities with the minimum of jargon and fuss.

The number one priority is to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claim in the shortest possible time.

The aim is to remove all of your financial worries and to give you the financial means to pay for the best possible treatment, and secure your future.

CRPS solicitor and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claims
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No Win, No Fee

Peter usually acts for his client under a “No Win, No Fee” agreement.

This takes away all of the financial cost and worry.

He also takes out legal expenses insurance on his client’s behalf to meet any expenses (such as medical and court fees), and to provide added protection should anything unforeseen happen during the course of the compensation claim.

Peter understands that his clients need the best legal representation, financial security, and peace of mind.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Compensation Claims - no win no fee

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Photos of Peter Baylis - Dedicated CRPS SolicitorPeter Bayliss is a dedicated CRPS solicitor.

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