This gentleman injured his right dominant hand when he got it stuck in a piece of machinery. The local hospital diagnosed a possible fracture, and he was placed in a plaster cast for 6 weeks. During that time his hand got much worse rather than better. It had started to swell, and he had increasing levels of pain.

When he came to us he was worried and confused. The local hospital had done its best to treat him in a conventional fashion, but the treatment didn’t seem to be working. He had the early signs of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) but they had not been picked up. The effects of his injury were putting tremendous emotional and financial pressure on his whole family.

When he came to us we understood the importance of putting in place an appropriate treatment regime as quickly as possible. We approached the other part’s insurance company about them meeting the cost of private treatment. This included various forms of therapy and pain management.

We obtained enough money to cover all of our client’s treatment needs both to date and in to the future. We also recovered substantial compensation for him to cover his lost earnings, his expenses, and various other consequences of his accident. He is now in a position to concentrate on his recovery and well-being rather than worrying about not being able to make ends meet.

Although he will never completely recover, he is financially secure for life, and has peace of mind in knowing that he has the best medical and legal tem on his side.

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