We recently took instructions from a lady who was involved in an unpleasant accident at work. She shattered the bones in her wrist and soon developed CRPS.

She initially approached one of the large personal injury companies that advertises regularly on the TV. However, having spoken to one of their call centre staff, she soon realised just what they are about. It was made quite clear that a face to face meeting was out of the question, and that everything would be handled remotely by an unnamed individual. Worse still, the capability and experience of that individual would be something of a lottery!

Our client quickly decided that this was no way to deal with such a personal and important matter. We arranged to meet with her and her husband at home a few days later for an initial consultation and advice. She had no hesitation in asking us to represent her there and then.

We stressed at our meeting that one of our priorities was to ensure that an appropriate treatment regime was in place as quickly as possible. We made arrangements for her to be seen by one of our panel of leading experts in CRPS.

In fact, she saw him so quickly that the medical expert was equally impressed by the speed of the referral.

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