Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a poorly understood condition.

The sufferer will develop a persistent (chronic) burning pain in one of their limbs. If left untreated, it can lead to secondary physical problems caused by a lack of use of the affected limb.

It also has the potential to cause psychological consequences from having to live with severe long term pain and the overall effect upon the patient’s life.

CRPS is a debilitating and very painful condition. The patient usually develops a persistent (chronic) burning pain in one of their limbs. This usually occurs after an injury or a medical procedure. Perhaps worst of all, no one really seems to know when it will strike, and why it affects some people but not others.

The pain is out of all proportion to the incident that caused it. But make no mistake – the pain is very real indeed.

The skin of the affected body part can become very sensitive, and even the slightest touch, bump, or change in surroundings can provoke a feeling of intense pain. If left untreated the pain can spread to other parts of the body as well.

What Causes CRPS?

The real cause of crps is largely unknown, but the condition appears to be linked to an abnormal neural (involving the nervous system) response to injury.

It seems that something – nobody is sure what – causes certain nerves to misfire in some way causing intense pain. It is triggered by an injury or trauma i.e. damage to the body’s tissues.

In the bad old days, one theory was that CRPS was a psychosomatic condition. In other words, the symptoms of pain were psychological – “all in the mind”.

Fortunately, this outdated view has been proved to be wrong. Research has shown that people with CRPS undergo very real physical changes in their bodies.

Treating CRPS

The treatment of CRPS usually involves a combination of physical treatment methods and medication to manage pain. This is where your CRPS solicitor can really make a difference. The sooner the better.

One of Peter’s priorities is to put a meaningful treatment programme in place as soon as possible. As an experienced CRPS solicitor he understands just how important this is. Peter works with a team of leading experts in the field.

One of our primary objectives is to organise early intervention and rehabilitation to give you the best possible start in your recovery. The sooner treatment is started, the more effective it is likely to be.

Treatment for CRPS usually involves a whole range of different experts all working together with one goal in mind. Your CRPS solicitor will know who to involve, and at what stage, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your specialist CRPS care and treatment team is likely to include:

  • Pain Relief Specialist – a doctor or other healthcare professional trained in pain management and relief;
  • Physiotherapist – who will help you try to improve your range of movement and coordination;
  • Occupational Therapist – who will identify what rehabilitation and personal care you need to help you improve your daily life;
  • Neurologist – a consultant who specialises in the treatment of conditions that affect the nervous system (usually the nerves, the brain, and the spinal cord);
  • Psychological Support – a specially trained professional who can help with any associated psychological anxieties caused by living with a chronic (long term) painful condition. Living with long term pain can be very distressing and it is entirely understandable that sufferers of CRPS may experience anxiety, low mood, and sometimes clinical depression. It is very important that your psychological well-being is looked after just as much as your physical well-being. Helping you to cope with the emotional and physical impact of living with severe pain is a very important part of a good and effective treatment plan.
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