This is the story of another client who came to us for a second opinion.

He was unsure what to do when his previous solicitors suggested that he might want to settle his compensation claim for £8,000.

He had injured his shoulder when he was crushed between 2 crates at work. He had managed to carry on working, but was still getting some pain. His previous solicitors had advised him that the insurance company’s offer to pay him damages of £8,000 was a good one, and that it should be accepted.

Our client decided that he would much rather rely on our expertise and proven track record. We arranged for his file to be transferred to us with no fuss or cost.

Our first job was to appoint a more skilled and suitable team of medical experts. The cause of his continuing pain was quickly diagnosed, and a full treatment plan was put in place paid for by the other party’s insurance company. Our client was very happy and relieved that a good recovery was soon in sight.

Once the medical position had been satisfactorily resolved, we set about negotiating a final compensation package. A figure of £25,000 was considered to be a very good outcome.

However, we pushed the insurance company to £30,000, then £35,000, and finally to £37,500. We had one extremely happy client.

All in a day’s work!

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