This is becoming an all too familiar story. Peter was recently contacted by a lady who was injured at work nearly 3 years ago. Her compensation claim was being handled by a large firm of solicitors appointed by her Union.

Unfortunately, their client care left a lot to be desired. She seemed to be a nuisance to them rather than someone who badly needed their help.

Peter arranged to visit the lady and her husband at their home and reassured them that a personal service still exists. They had no hesitation in asking him to take over the compensation claim from the previous solicitors.

The claim is now proceeding very well and is back on track. One of the early steps taken by Peter was to arrange for the client to see a specialist about her injured shoulder. She now has the treatment that should have been arranged a long time ago.

It is common misconception that a client cannot change their solicitor mid-way through a compensation claim. That is not the case. Everyone has the right to choose who represents them. Appointing the right solicitor is one of the most important decisions to make. Even if you start out with the wrong solicitor, it is never too late to change.

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