A dedicated and hardworking nurse slipped over on a wet floor at work and injured her back. She loved her job and used to work long hours. Her career was much more than a job to this lady, but was a way of life.

She did her best to carry on working after her fall, but gradually the back pain became too much for her and she had to stop. She was devastated.

Her care was being handled by a local orthopaedic surgeon. He was doing a reasonable job, but failed to address her significant pain. She was simply being pumped full of painkillers without anyone getting to the bottom of the real cause of the pain.

When this lady came to us we immediately arranged for her to be assessed by our team of specialists. For the very first time, she felt that someone really cared about her wellbeing. Most of all, she wanted to get back to work. Not just about money.

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