Much is said in the press about a so-called compensation culture. It is claimed by some of the press and media that people claim compensation for all sorts of trivial things.

There might some truth in this on some occasions, but the people writing these sorts of headlines can’t have heard of CRPS. Would they like to swap places with a CRPS sufferer! Of course not – most people haven’t even heard of it.

Compensation will never restore a person’s health but it can make a big difference to their quality of life. It will pay for the best CRPS doctors and treatment; it will pay for lost earnings or other income; it will pay for travel needs and adaptions to the home; and in extreme cases it will pay for carers and everyday support.

Rather worryingly, the number of incidents in the NHS resulting in harm to a patient has increased by 41% since 2010. However, in 2015/16 only 2.32% of the people harmed actually made a claim. Hardly a compensation culture!

What is even more worrying is that every single one of Peter’s patients had never heard of the term CRPS until it happened to them. This begs the question – would you agree to have a non-essential operation if you knew that it might put you at risk of developing CRPS?

CRPS after surgery is not as rare as some people might think. It’s such a crippling condition that every patient should be warned about it in advance. Sadly, most are not.

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