Our client was injured whilst working on a building site. He fell from some scaffolding on to his shoulder. His previous solicitors collected some very basic medical evidence which suggested that he had suffered from nothing more than a soft tissue injury. They obtained an offer of settlement from the insurance company of £2,000. They advised our client that this offer should be accepted.

The gentleman in question was concerned that his shoulder was still giving him problems. He was worried about his future work. He decided to obtain a second opinion about the offer of settlement.

This was when he came to us. We had no hesitation in advising him that the insurance company’s offer of only £2,000 should be rejected. It was obvious to us that his compensation claim hadn’t been properly investigated, and that he had been badly advised.

Our client transferred his claim to us. We dealt with all of the formalities so that he had nothing else to worry about. We also ensured that he had nothing to pay to his previous solicitors.

We quickly set to work to turn things around. It was clear that the damage to his shoulder was permanent. He also had signs of chronic pain. We arranged for him to be fully assessed by our team of medical experts.

Our specialists quickly identified the full extent of our client’s problems, and between us we put in place a comprehensive regime to give him the full care and treatment that was long overdue. He also had symptoms of depression – hardly surprising in the circumstances! – and this also formed part of the overall treatment plan.

The gentleman concerned was extremely relieved and grateful to know that he was now in safe hands. We also obtained some payments from the insurance company (known as “interim payments”) to take the financial pressure off him pending a final settlement. Again, this was one less worry for him.

The final outcome was that we achieved a total settlement (damages) of £333,000.00. Our client could hardly believe it. He was so glad he found us. We were delighted to have helped him.

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